Special wall to oust germs

Germs that curse primary schools, spreading illness in the ranks, are to be given the cold shoulder in an Aberdeen independent school.

In plans for a new eco-friendly extension, the Hamilton School wants to introduce a "breathing wall" to encourage natural ventilation and eliminate recycled air to cut germs being passed on.

Kathlyn Taylor, the school's principal, said: "Where younger children work and play, you will find the highest potential for cross-infection and illness, and we have been keen to address this for some time."

Among other plans are a solar chimney, or sun pipe, to light internal rooms without electricity; heat and light detectors to switch off lights and heaters in empty rooms; and the use of natural products such as wood throughout the Swiss chalet-style building, shortly to go before city planners for approval.

Other novel design ideas include re-using waste water from sinks and showers to helpto flush toilets.

Mrs Taylor said the extension would be an object lesson for children in how to save energy, avoid waste and cut down the capacity for germs to breed.

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