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Splashing about in the supply pool

he state of the supply chain has always been a contentious and complex matter, and the latest research (page one) does little to point towards a solution to what is indeed a "chaotic and confusing" system. It is a sobering thought that more than half of the 11,000 supply and temporary staff want a permanent classroom post but cannot find one.

Part of the problem is the nature of the supply pool itself. Many teachers are choosy about where they wish to work, as Glasgow often complains. Many schools are picky about who they hire. Some teachers wish to continue splashing in the supply pool for family reasons. Yet, despite more teachers lingering on supply lists because they cannot find permanent jobs, schools complain they cannot find supply teachers.

Various remedies have been tried such as internal cover and permanent supply teachers. Both have their drawbacks. The review being undertaken in the teachers' negotiating committee must come up with answers.

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