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Spoils of war

Annie Castledine intends to release Euripides' wit and irony in her production of Women of Troy at the National Theatre. After the fall of Troy, Priam's widow Hecuba waits with her daughter Cassandra and her daughter-in-law Andromache to be allocated to Greek masters.

"Language is terribly important; it's all they've got left." A multi-ethnic cast has contributed to the rituals of grief. Of particular interest to classicists and theatre studies students, for whom the deployment of the Chorus and the integration of ritual with music and language should be especially stimulating, the production is accompanied by an innovative education project. Students are invited to develop their own piece of theatre following an inset day for teachers, a visit to the production and a free workshop.

On March 17 Castledine discusses the production with the translator Kenneth McLeish. Tickets: 071 928 2252. Education events: 071 928 2033.

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