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Cindy Hussain

Cindy Hussain is Year 3 teacher at Wellbourne Primary School, Tottenham, north London

"It was very beneficial - the children enjoyed it because they weren't bored. They could visit the gallery, do different drawings, and then they did their artwork. They have the space here and all the equipment, and they have the first-hand experience of going in the gallery.

They have their art pieces to take back, which we will use as a display. It fits in with art, science and geography - geography in terms of places because this is out of London and they are contrasting their locality; in terms of science they are printing things. It's more to do with cross-curricular links. It's very important - it's not only art, it's more of art, some science, some geography.

We have done our own printing in the classroom, but not to this extent - using the polystyrene - and not the same procedure. We will try to build on what they have learned here. Maybe after the children have evaluated this piece of artwork, they can do another piece and improve on that."

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The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture Middlesex University, Cat Hill, Barnet EN4 8HT

Tel: 020 8411 5441 www.moda.mdx.ac.uk

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Cindy Hussain

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