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On the spot

Nadina Murray is Year 6 teacher at Loughton Middle School in Milton Keynes

It's a great experience for children. It exposes them to different hazards and they are given steps to follow and strategies. Some children have misconceptions - in the house with the smoke alarm, one thought the first thing to do is jump out the window. A broad range of hazards is covered and children are given an experience rather than being lectured. I hope it gives them more confidence if they are ever faced with any of these situations and that they would be more able to follow the correct procedures. I liked the way the vandalism and shop theft scenarios were designed to make them think of the consequences and how they were given ways of getting out of situations they would find difficult, for example how to respond to peer pressure and bullying. As follow-up a member of the centre's staff will come and do two sessions and I will link it into English, asking them to do piece of report writing on their visit. They were really well-behaved because they were totally engaged.

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