On the spot

Vicky Parnell is a Year 1 teacher at Dorchester Primary School in Sutton

"We came to the Museum of Childhood as our history theme this term is 'How are our toys different from those in the past?'

The Must-Have Toys exhibition was not the main reason for our visit, but it did link well with our topic as it enabled the children to see how toys have changed over time. It also showed them that some of the toys that were around in the past have come around again and are toys that they play with now. The teaching session was very good, and it linked well to the toys that the children had seen in the morning and what we had been learning about. They learned new vocabulary and had a deeper insight into the type of toys children used to play with.

Back at school, the children drew and wrote about their favourite part of the trip, and we sent a thank you letter to Jason Hall. We have made a zoetrope and the children have each made a strip to put inside it. In the next few weeks, the children will be designing and making a class toy museum with labels for the toys, pictorial guidebooks and giving 'visitors'


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