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On the spot

Lizzie Crane is Year 4 teacher at Marion Richardson Primary School, Stepney

When the session started I feared it might be pitched over the children's heads, because Amanda was using difficult words such as condensation and evidence. We often find this happens on school visits, mainly because we are a multi-ethnic school and English is not the first language for most of our children. But there were lots of visual clues to help them understand what was being explained and it proved to be a really useful morning. Most of the children hadn't visited such a prominent sight as the Tower before.

Although the school is comparatively nearby, pupils rarely visit that part of London. They enjoyed going on the Docklands Light Railway and a few had the fun of passing where they lived. Generally, they were hugely excited at the whole prospect of being taken out of the classroom. We also found it beneficial for their behaviour as they had to walk along the street in a line.

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