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On the spot

We have been coming to Conkers for several years and have always done an activity using the self-led programme sheets, usually for science. The children are very involved with the Marvellous Maths programme and are enjoying it. It is encouraging them to look at the environment from a different point of view and is very good at helping them see shape and space.

The way the leader moved them to stand around the circumference of a big circle was very effective. Garry was dealing with concepts and vocabulary that are not in the Year 4 syllabus, but it was good in that it challenged the more able children. We will use the activity sheets at school so that we can refer back to today and it will help reinforce their learning on shape and space. The group work at the end was very good as in a big group the more able children tend to answer all the questions but in a smaller group, the less able can contribute too, and I was pleased to see that they all were involved, working together enthusiastically.

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