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On the spot

The exhibition is a great introduction. My own kids are 8 and 11, and I'd bring them to see it. But it was interesting for the Year 10 group too. It has appeal for pretty much everybody. And the workshop was excellent. You can really get students thinking about the themes this way, and with more time, maybe the language too.

It's a shame there's so little you can cover in an hour - you have to stop just when the students are at their most engaged.

Next time, we'll be going for a two-hour workshop. I think that will be just right. It's been fantastic and I'd like to bring some older students.

But they need more time to really make the most of it. With a two-hour workshop and the exhibition, it will give the students time to really make some progress, and still fit nicely into the school day. It's very reasonably priced too (pound;5.60 for groups of 15 pupils). The parents didn't have a problem with it - and I wouldn't either if it was for my children. It's nothing for what the students get out of it.

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