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On the spot

Heather Grocott Key stage 2co-ordinator, Berkeley Primary School, Heston, Hounslow

The children loved it here. It's very different from where they live, which is very urban. The organisation was very good with the activities carefully worked out.

They were also very well geared to their age group and very hands-on. And there was lots of variety. The exhibition was very good. They loved seeing the Anderson and Morrison shelters - it brought home to them how people had to live. I liked the exercise with the coupons - it illustrated the difficulties people had in making their "money" go round.

The children have been studying the Second World War this term. They didn't know anything to start with but have built up quite a bit of knowledge.

This experience has progressed their knowledge and given them a flavour of what it was really like. It also tied in with our healthy eating focus and consolidated the work we've been doing on growing vegetables.

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