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On the spot

Carole Hall is a Year 2 teacher at Holy Spirit RC Primary School in Netherton

My class is currently doing a topic about materials. The school is in an education action Zone area, and it was the EAZ that suggested we visit the World of Glass. They paid for the coach and made a contribution towards the admission fees. The whole day was really well planned, and went brilliantly. The glass-blowing had the biggest impact - the children particularly liked it when I was put up against one of the dads in the glass-blowing competition. Now, back in class, we're doing lots of cross-curricular work based on the trip. The headteacher came into the classroom while we were writing about the visit, and was amazed that the children could tell him straight off: "Glass is made from sand, soda and lime." The fact that those materials go together to make something so completely different is a very abstract concept, but it seems to have sunk in. They could remember the entire process. Our parent-helpers enjoyed the trip, too. I'll definitely be booking next year.

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