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On the spot

Hayley Gower Year 5 teacher, St Mary's Primary, Bridgwater, Somerset.

The children enjoyed both the workshop and exhibition. There's no way we could have supplied some of the equipment, for example the stethoscopes and timers, to all the children. It was all about learning by doing.

It linked with what we've been doing recently in school on diet and exercise and illustrated the effects of exercise on the heart and lungs.

The children had found this quite difficult in school and this trip helped them. The stuff on reaction times was new and interesting.

The exhibition and workshop related well to each other too, for example there were exhibits on reaction times and pulse rates which reinforced what had been done in the workshop.

I was glad the children were encouraged to use maths: there was a lot of work on comparison, and in the exhibition I noticed that pupils were working out how much faster they did on their second and third tries at something.

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