On the spot

Karen Cotton, Year 56 teacher at Austrey C of E Primary School, Warwickshire

Children look at how the creatures have adapted to the environment in which they live and then decide if they would be successful in the future. The children love handling the creatures and are always hopeful there is something bigger and more ferocious to be handled each time.

The favourite parts of the day were looking around the zoo to discover how animals might adapt in the future. The new tropical house had to be visited several times to make sure the sloth did move with its hook-like hands, how the creatures reacted to the rain, and to discuss if bats really didn't like being pointed at.

The children loved the workshop and looking around the zoo. They observed a variety of animals and new exhibits, and their discussion showed how much they already knew from previous visits. The invented animals are fantastic, and there are clear ideas about how they adapted to their new environment.

It was a fabulous day out.

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