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On the spot

Iain Smith is a Primary 7 class teacher at George Watson's College, Edinburgh

We've brought two classes here today. One is visiting the museum while the other is in the Cabinet War Rooms. Then they swap over. This term, the pupils have been studying the Home Front during the Second World War and we have had visitors who related their childhood experiences as evacuees.

Pupils have displayed a strong empathy with this aspect of our curriculum, and this visit is the culmination of what we've been learning as we near the end of the topic. This new part of the museum is superb for P7 and above. There's plenty of space and the children are fully absorbed. It's the perfect time for us to visit and I can see they are clearly picking up even more information on Churchill's past.

The museum is not static and and it's not just pushing buttons either. The interactive Lifeline table is fantastic, very impressive. The children are pairing and sharing information and you can get the entire class around it.

Can I have one in my classroom?

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