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On the spot

Kerry Marco is a Year 4 teacher at St Joseph's RC School, Maida Vale

I wanted the children to visit the exhibition so they could absorb something of the Passover experience directly. At this time of year, we're starting to think about the Passion of Christ and of course the two events coincide. If you work in a church school, you need to make sure the children learn about other faiths. A Jewish friend (also a teacher) recommended the exhibition to me. It's well worth going. There are many ways the activities reinforce one another and complement what the children have been learning in school. The interactive Seder table is good for mixed-ability groups and would be very suitable for younger children as well. Making the matzah covers has given all the children something to take home. The dressing-up was the best bit for me and for the children. They all wanted to play a part and got really involved. They could bring to bear the knowledge they had acquired from the other parts of the exhibition to make the characters more authentic.

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