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On the spot

Ruth Moore, nursery manager, Bobbins Day Nursery, Staveley nr Kendal

Cherrie is fantastic. She pitches her conversation and her questions at just the right level. She doesn't leave children struggling. She will rephrase her questions. Did you notice how she asked the children to take a pretend photo? "Close one eye and click with your finger" They're always doing that! I can imagine her working with 14-year-olds and I'm sure she's got that pitched at just the right level also. The activities are always new each time we come, and the skills our children learn here are transferable. They give them open-mindedness and flexibility because there is no expected result. Through coming here the children are now more aware of pictures in the environment. They will see pictures when we are out and about and remember and talk about being here. Perhaps the puppets need too much adult input. The role play, the pretending and the free painting are wonderful. It's the experience of doing them that the children remember.


Abbot Hall Art Gallery

Kendal, Cumbria


Tel: 01539 722464


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