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Staff addresses posted on the Net

A SECONDARY school has ordered a student to close down a website which lists teachers' names and addresses.

Bognor Regis Community College acted after the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers sought legal advice about the site, which described a teacher as a "tosser".

Three of the eight addresses on the crudely-designed site were of teachers at the school, said headteacher Les Savins. The information had been taken from the electoral roll.

The case highlights the ease with which students can now publicise teachers' private details.

Mary Howard, the NASUWT's legal officer, said it was the first time that teachers' addresses have been published on a wesite.

However, she added that there had been other cases of defamatory or offensive comments about teachers being posted by students. Schools usually ask the Internet service provider hosting such websites to remove them.

Ms Howard added: "It's becoming more of an issue."

Nigel de Gruchy, NASUWT general secretary, said these websites were another form of misbehaviour and were no different from abusive graffiti on a school wall.

The Bognor Regis student's site was still available as The TES went to press, but Mr Savins said the Internet service provider would be asked to close it down if the Year 11 pupil - who has been interviewed by the police - failed to do so.

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