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Staff fear virtual teacher

Staffrooms are full of "digital ditherers" who fear the computer is taking over their job and resist using technology, says new research.

This fear is holding them back from embracing methods that could revolutionise learning. Eduardo Terren, of Cordoba university, Spain, said buying computers was useless if staff failed to use them properly and worried about being undermined by techno-savvy pupils.

Mr Terren said some teachers viewed digital advances as having little benefit in the classroom and their professional pride was hurt when they felt they were being usurped by technology.

He said: "Many would not deny the benefit of ICT in the classroom, but the effort is too great for the results they perceive they get.

"Others say, 'What are we here for if machines are going to do our job?'

Many teachers say kids have enough of this stuff outside school."

This did not amount to technophobia, he said, but their inability to use computers left them feeling old and concerned about the future.

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