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Staffordshire - Close shave over haircut hoo-ha

A staffordshire pupil was ordered by his school to shave his head after teachers complained about his "unacceptable" hairstyle.

Jamie Brown, a Year 8 pupil at Berry Hill High School, Stoke-on-Trent, was removed from lessons and told that the tramline patterns he had shaved into his hair were inappropriate for school.

He was then told he would be temporarily excluded or given lessons in isolation until the hairstyle grew out.

But after a meeting between the boy's mother and school staff, the decision was reversed and the teenager was simply instructed to cut his hair.

Jamie's mother, Karen Brown, told the Staffordshire Sentinel: "The hairstyle isn't offensive. It's not a swear word - it's just a pattern. All the young lads are having their hair done like this at the moment.

"Having a hairstyle doesn't stop him going to lessons and doesn't stop him learning."

But Terry Crowe, chair of governors at Berry Hill, said hairstyles of this type do not fit in with the school's image.

"It's like going to work," he said. "You have to come in looking acceptable to those you work with." ab.

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