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Staffroom cynics lap up the news

It's good to know that The TES still has the power to bring hilarity to the staffroom on Fridays. I present the following quotes from last week's edition:

"Non-words like 'zort' and 'koob' will be included alongside real words to ensure children are reading, rather than just memorising" - page 6.

"I want to be realistic, but I want to see everybody leave school with at least a grade C in English and maths" - page 10.

"As a headteacher the most important thing I have to think about is exams" - page 23.

In the days of Ted Wragg you could always rely on The TES back page to provide a few good guffaws. Nowadays most of the biggest laughs come from the inside pages.

Keep up the good work.

Colin Fleetwood, Headteacher, Grenoside Community Primary School, Sheffield.

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