Staircase Santa's present marks past

(Photograph) - MOLLY MacRae (left) and Emily Nelson, pupils at Whiteinch Nursery in Glasgow, show off part of the school's "millennium staircase". All the faces who put in an appearance at the school at the end of last year and the beginning of 2000 - pupils, parents, staff and visitors - were captured on camera.

The pictures were then transferred on to 830 tiles, which were used to decorate the main staircase.

andra Watt, the headteacher, said: "Our children are too young to understand the concept of a new millennium, so I thought the best way to mark 2000 was to provide a permanent record of everybody who was associated with the nursery and I hope that this will, in time, provide a bit of local history. The children enjoy looking for familiar faces,but it has to be said that the tile of Santa Claus is a favourite."

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