Stand by your union, Mr Williams

I respond to Brian Williams' letter (TES, April 4) "Unity is strength".

I have been a teacher for 28 years and a member of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers for 31 years I joined as a student in 1966.

I have taught in six schools and reached the dizzy heights of acting headteacher. I have been an elected teacher member of education committees and had discussions with hundreds of teachers during my career.

I represent 3,000-plus teachers in district 15 (BedsHertsLuton).

Brian Williams should support the trade union he is a member of or resign. The NASUWT is proud to be a trade union not a professional association. In these troubled times it is the only teacher trade union protecting the interests of teachers.

When I was threatened with redundancy two years ago the NASUWT protected my livelihood.

As a fellow deputy, I would say, stick with your trade union. By the year 2000 the NASUWT will be the only unity we all need.

TONY CALLAGHAN NASUWT 2A The Brache Maulden, Bedfordshire

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