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Star turns

School: Douglas Academy, Milngavie. Drama teacher, Gillian Nicolson

What has been the best arts event to visit your school in the past year?

Actually it was two years ago - one of the dancers in the London Andrew Lloyd Webber show Cats, which toured to Glasgow.

How did you hear about her?

She was one of our former pupils.

What did she do?

She talked to about 100 pupils, and answered questions about how her career had started, and what the work was like.

Did you do any preparation beforehand?

I took the pupils to see the show a couple of nights before.

How long did she stay?

It took place during the school lunch-hour.

How much did it cost?

It didn't cost anything. The school has very little money for visiting drama groups. It's usually cheaper to take groups to the theatre, or to the workshops at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh and the Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow.

What was so good about her?

She was a great success, and carefully steered all my showbusiness wannabees between the rock of glamour and the whirlpool of unemployment.

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