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Star turns

School: Cloverfield Primary, Aberdeen. 154 primary pupils, 40 nursery. Headteacher: Carol Page What has been the best arts company to visit your school in the past year? The Mobile Theatre, co-ordinated by Aberdeen City Council How did you hear about them? They contacted all the city primary schools by letter. I have seen many of their plays and they are always excellent What did they do?

Mama Frascati's Pizzeria, a play for P1 and P2. It involved a visit from the Queen, a royal corgi, a robbery set in an Italian pizza parlour, and was full of laughter and suspense.

Did you do any preparation beforehand? There was some input by the class teachers about pizzas, eating out, etc. We also invited a neighbouring primary school to join us.

Any follow-up work?

Yes. Mostly art work, but a lot of spoken language was stimulated by the visit.

How long did they stay? The performance lasted about 40 minutes, and setting up and clearing away took another 40 minutes.

How much did it cost?

It was free to us.

Who paid? The visit was funded by our local education authority.

What was so good about them? Their performers are drama teachers and are able to pace and perform at just the right level for the children. The interaction between audience and players was superb, with whole audience participation in mime, as well as small group participation. The audience really enjoyed the play, but they were always calm and focused on the drama. There were never any worries that they would get over-excited or out of hand.

To contact the Mobile Theatre, ring David Atherton on 01224 522080

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