Star turns

School: Fraserburgh Academy, Aberdeenshire, 1199 pupils; principal teacher of drama Brian Torrance.

What has been the best arts company to visit your school in the past year?

The Imlata Dance Company - a highly original group which combines traditional Indian, Brazilian and contemporary dance, featuring martial arts movements, mime and costume.

How did you hear about them? The group was being sponsored by the Scottish Arts Council and the then Banff and Buchan District Council. We were offered the chance of a visit by Sara Schema, Banff and Buchan dance artist in residence. The company's minibus and accommodation were arranged by Dance Productions in Edinburgh What did they do? They took a group of 16 third-year Standard grade drama students for a day of dance.

Did you do any preparation beforehand?

It wasn't really necessary.

Any follow-up work?

The company did not present any, but I worked out some follow-up activities, building on the enthusiasm Imlata encouraged. I took a simple fight scene, the kind you would find in romeo and Juliet, and turned it into a dance.

How long did they stay?

All day.

How much did they cost?

Pounds 50.

Who paid?

Our headteacher agreed to meet the costs from the school fund.

What was so good about them?

Their professionalism in performance and organisation was excellent, as was their ability to work with the students. I also thought they had developed a day of activities which were very challenging but achievable by the majority of students.

* Dance Productions, tel: 0131 557 3839

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