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Star Turns;Arts in Scotland

School: Cairneyhill Primary and Community School, Dunfermline; school roll 318, age of children involved 5-11; headteacher Maureen Lyall.

Q: What was the best arts company to visit your school in the past year?

A: First Bite theatre company - just two actors.

Q: How did you hear about them?

A: Through their fliers

Q: How long did they spend with you?

A: A morning.

Q: What did they do?

A: It was a two-person drama called The One to One, staged with no props or anything - and though it was scripted, it was so spontaneous that it seemed like an improvisation. It was the story of two children, one whose parents were going through a hard time and the other whose granny had died, and she and her family had moved into the granny's house. They befriend each other, so the play explores issues of friendship and relationships, even bullying comes into it.

Q: Did you do any preparation?

A: It related to the kind of ongoing discussions we have in any case.

Q: Any follow-up work?

A: It was natural for the issues raised to be discussed afterwards and the children had a clearer understanding after the performance.

Q: How much did it cost?

A: pound;180 Q: Who paid? The school fund and the PTA.

A: What was so good about them?

Q: They were the best I've seen in my whole teaching career - completely professional, arriving punctually and delivering exactly what they had promised. The content was perfect for the age range. They involved the children by inviting them to make suggestions as to how to deal with various situations.

Q: How relevant was it to the curriculum?

A: Absolutely relevant to 5-14 personal and social development.

Contact First Bite, tel: 0131 225 7993

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