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Star turns;Arts in Scotland

School: Georgetown Primary, Dumfries and Galloway; number of pupils 300; age of children involved 5-12; depute head Mary Brydeson What was the best arts companyevent to visit your school in the past year?

Without a doubt, Mamp;M Productions. They are a new company and if they are able to maintain their present costs and standards, I'd advise other schools to book early to get them. We're certainly having them back next year.

How did you hear about them? They sent their own publicity to us and appended various reviews and testimonials from other schools. I phoned one school for a first-hand account.

How long did they spend with you? An afternoon.

What did they do? A pantomime - Beauty and the Beast. It was just magical. The costumes, the scenery and the lighting were terrific and the storyline was very tight. It was a traditional pantomime with all the "He's behind you," and "Oh, no he's not - Oh, yes he is," elements and a classic finale.

Did you do any preparation work beforehand? No.

Did you do any follow-up work? The children discussed it in circle time and news time and some of the younger ones wrote stories about it in their news books.

How much did it cost? pound;580 - which works out at pound;2 per head.

Who paid? The parents.

What was so good about them? Absolutely everything. The children were enthralled. We could hardly get the company away from the school, because the children were thronging them, wanting autographs. We do try very hard to have some kind of live performance in the school every year and I organise what the teachers want. I don't often go overboard, but this company was really exceptional.

Contact Mamp;M Productions, tel: 01292 560903

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