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Star turns;Arts in Scotland;Theatre;Interview;Sheena Wright

School: Moray Primary, Falkirk; age of children involved 10-12; headteacher Sheena Wright

What was the best arts company to visit your school in the past year? The Travelling Gallery How did you hear about them? From Yvonne, our visiting art specialist How long did they spend with you? A whole day What did they do? They brought a double decker bus filled with paintings and art exhibits. They change their theme, but when they came to us, it was "space". There was a big questionnaire and the children were given guided tours in small groups round the bus by the art teacher, the class teacher and the bus driver, looking at styles, colours and techniques Did you do any preparation? Yes. The art teacher took the children through the questionnaire which related to what they would be seeing on the bus Any follow-up work? Yes. Again, the art teacher went over the filled questionnaires with them to see how they could extend what they had seen into their own work How much did it cost? It was free What was so good about it? The displays included all sorts of styles from art deco to Picasso-like works. We so often confront children with a blank sheet of paper, but this was valuable because they were able to see and relate to work done by professionals, able to see what the finished product should look like.

How relevant was it to the curriculum? It tied in with our expressive arts elements and fitted into the timetable as well, in that the visiting art teacher works on a rota basis and this was the turn of the primary 6 and 7s, who seemed just the right age for such a visit.

Contact the Travelling Gallery, Edinburgh City Art Centre, tel: 0131-529 3682

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