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If you want to make digital video then you need this disk from Media Education Wales, says Jack Kenny

Making digital video is first and foremost a craft you have to learn, like writing. This new teaching disk is approached from the craft point of view.

It breaks down into sections: introduction; camera; light and colour; sounds; editing; and making a film. Each section has its own headings and is illustrated with sound and film clips. Tasks are also included and sometimes extra information, all available at the touch of a button. Truly interactive, it is difficult to think of a better way of teaching some of the basic concepts.

The disk runs on both Mac and PC and is structured with the kind of logic and care that shows considerable thought, which is why it looks so simple.

The audience for this could range from 7 to 17. The concepts that are explained are generic and can be applied to any editing software.

If you are teaching children about the technique of creating video this is the CD to buy. You can use it with a group or you can give it to an individual to work through.

All the video clips have been created in schools and they work well. If you want to know how to film an interview with one camera then here it is.

Better than a book because the ideas are translated immediately into video.

The creators of the disk say that it "explains how to organise video-making, from developing a concept to videoing and editing". It does, and it manages to avoid most of the jargon too.

Creating digital video is something that every child should encounter and they will do it better if they or their teachers have had the opportunity to use this disk. Media Education Wales is to be congratulated for putting out such a splendid disk.

Making movies make sense

CD-Rom for Windows and Mac

Price: pound;30 for single user; pound;60 for five-user licence

Media Education Wales

Tel 029 2068 9101

Making movies make sense Fitness for purpose *****

Ease of use ***

Features ****

Quality *****

Value for money *****

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