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Starting salary

I'm confused about what salary I will earn as a newly qualified teacher? How fast does it increase? What is the most I can get without being involved in management?

There are four different pay scales for classroom teachers. Which one you are on depends on where in the country your school is located. Three of the four scales are for schools either in London or parts of the surrounding Home Counties. These scales, which are usually referred to by teachers as the main scale, are six points in length.

NQTs normally start at point M1, and most teachers progress up the scale at the rate of one point every year. This progression is subject to service during the preceding year having been determined as satisfactory. It is possible to receive additional allowances for work with children who have special needs, and payments as an incentive to encourage recruitment to a particular school. However, these payments are for fixed periods these days. When you reach the top of the scale you can apply to go through the threshold on to the upper pay spine. However, there is no guarantee that the system will be the same by then, as it seems to change with alarming frequency.

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