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Steps to qualification

Teachers with two years' classroom experience can become educational psychologists. To do so, they must: 1) Obtain the British Psychological Society's graduate basis for registration (GBR). You need a degree in psychology that meets the criteria (check with the BPS or university where the degree was completed). If it is not in psychology, or your psychology degree does not meet the criteria, you can get GBR by: l sitting the BPS qualifying examination (entry is restricted to graduates only, whether from non-honours level psychology degrees or other disciplines)l obtaining a BPS-accredited postgraduate qualification l taking a conversion course which converts your degree into the equivalent of an honours degree with psychology as the main subject.

These can be full or part-time Try the Institute of Education, the OU, Liverpool Hope, London Metropolitan, Oxford Brookes, Staffordshire , Sunderland, Glasgow, Cardiff and University College Dublin). Find out about funding from universities or LEAs

2) Complete a year's full-time professional training: an MSc in educational psychology. There is no upper age limit. Courses are offered at The Institute of Education, University College London, Queens Belfast, Nottingham , Exeter, Sheffield, Cardiff , Strathclyde and more 3) Apply to your LEA for a job as an entry-level educational psychologist.

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