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Still faithful to church schools

I was moved to write in defence of faith schools after reading "Defender of the faithless" (TES, July 9).

As a pupil at a Church of England school, I received a first-class education in a supportive, principled environment. My children have experiences similar to mine at another C of E school, being supported by the school through both academic and personal difficulties.

While it is true for many people today that religion is perceived as a negative force, the faults of a few being allowed to overshadow the virtues of the many, I am certain that I speak for people of all faiths in supporting the excellent work done by faith schools throughout Britain in educating young people to high academic standards and providing them with a solid foundation to build upon through the teaching of values such as compassion, honesty and consideration for others.

Not all (in fact, not most) religious people are fanatics. The key values taught by religions help children to live well. Sadly, too many of our pupils in schools today seem to have missed out on these, and their lives and the fabric of society are the poorer for it. Faith schools cannot replace that which is not taught in the home, but they can and do give children an insight and example of principled living, too often not widespread outside school.

Ceinwick Chick 7 Byward Avenue Feltham Middlesex

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