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Stop! Collaborate and listen: One way to tell your staff and students that school's closed




With hundreds of schools in the UK affected by extraordinary weather, one teacher duo in the US has provided timely inspiration for how to communicate news of disruption to teaching.

Uploaded to You Tube, their musical take on the problem of snow and ice closures has now gone viral.

“All right. Stop! Collaborate and listen…”, rap head of school Michael Ulku-Steiner and assistant head of school Lee Hark, as they don an outsize jacket and a ski mask to spoof Vanilla Ice’s classic early nineties' hit Ice Ice Baby.

The teachers inform students of North Carolina’s Durham Academy school via YouTube that “…ice is back and the roads will glisten.” Recommending instead that students "dance to the grocery store" and they "stay in their house and drink hot tea".

As they say: “No school, there’s ice, ice baby”.

There are just over 1,100 students at the school – but their antics have already got 200,000 views. Making them perhaps the coolest teachers in the US. And certainly some of the chilliest.

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