Strategy for London's adults

Your coverage of the Secretary of State's decision to invite me to lead on a skills strategy for London highlights an important step forward in meeting training needs in the capital ("Mayor to oversee capital's adult education funding", July 21).

However, your article did not do justice to what the London Skills and Employment Board is being asked to do.

I am not taking on a new role overseeing education. Instead, I have been asked to chair this new board and to champion the importance of skills for London's future.

The board will not, as your article states, "be responsible for the funding of adult education". It has been charged with setting the strategy for adult training to equip Londoners with the skills that will best meet the needs of employers, and hence drive London's economic growth.

The strategy, and the related annual plan, will focus on the needs of adults in the labour market and those seeking to enter it, making strong links between skills, employment and being jobless. The local Learning and Skills Council will allocate funds and operate programmes in London, working in line with the priorities set out in the strategy.

I warmly welcome this opportunity to work with employers to raise investment in skills development, and to ensure adult skills spending is targeted at London's priorities.

Ken Livingstone

Mayor of London

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