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The best way I know of alleviating stress is to go to Pizza Express and order an American with extra mozzarella, mushrooms and soft egg on top, a salad with dressing on the side, and a beer. I like Pizza on the Park at Hyde Park on Tuesday nights when they have a lovely string quartet playing Schubert, Beethoven and Mozart. Victoria branch is good on a Saturday night because you can go to the newspaper stand and pick up the Sunday papers. It relieves Sunday's stress brilliantly to have got through all the papers on Saturday night.

I enjoy keeping several balls in the air - I've just edited A Night to Remember, a 10-part serialisation for BBCworld service radio about The Titanic, I'm currently recording Michael Frayn's novel, Sweet Dreams, for Radio 4, and I'm also making a TV film with Lynda la Plante called Supply and Demand - but it's stressful. When things get tense I do what I call the Jarvis Crouch. I crouch with my knees bent and arms limp, feet about a foot apart, leaning forward in a slightly foetal position to stretch the spine. I rock gently, then walk round for 15 seconds. It's a tip I got from an excellent osteopath called Barry Savery. It's a great stress-buster, but not after eating a large pizza!

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