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Stretch your best

You're a science teacher with 20 minutes of your lesson left. Two very able youngsters have already finished the task you set . So what do you do now?

"Every teacher has a group of bright pupils and you try to do your best for them, but just giving them more of the same task will bore them," says Matthew Hackett, founder of Aspire.more able, a company developing resources for gifted and talented pupils. "The other temptation is to start them on next year's work, but this simply means they'll be bored next year, too!"

Aspire is launching resources for secondary science. Lesson plan packs for key stage 4 (or top sets in Years 9-11)are designed to arouse the interest of the high achievers in class.

Hackett, who works as a science teacher, left the classroom last year to set up the company. Concerned by a lack of government lesson plans for older pupils, Hackett began developing his own, believing that students were missing out.

"In lower school, science allows pupils to explore, but in higher school, the curriculum is so full that this is rarely possible.

"Rather than easy rote learning, these resources stimulate them to think about application and to play with ideas."

Emphasis is placed on teamwork, which allows pupils to "rehearse" ideas in safety, and lets stronger pupils pass knowledge to others.

The three stand-alone packs, each containing five lesson plans cost pound;49.99 each. OHP sets are pound;30.

Enter the competition being run during the Show and you could win a free training day on gifted and talented pupils delivered at your school, plus all three presentation packs. Stand C757

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