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Strictly not rated appears to be blossoming in Scotland. The online, do-it-yourself instrument of assessment for schools strikes fear into the heart of teachers, as pupils and their parents say what they like about members of staff.

More and more schools are listed with commentaries on staff, including gradings on traits such as "easiness" (whatever that means), helpfulness and clarity, plus comments good or bad. At least two Scottish schools have made it to the website's Wall of Shame, which lists those that have banned access to the site from school computers, presumably to keep the staff off the keyboards as much as the pupils.

One child at a private school is clearly a cut above the norm, writing of the heidie: "Apart from his illogical plans and reforms, he's all right.

Not a good public speaker, however." Sounds more like a disapproving teacher.

One heidie - no online entry for him as yet - has contacted us with his own alternative idea. "It's,", he said. "But I don't think I'll bother."

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