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Strong words

When you need to get your message across, there's nothing like a nice crisp press release to publicise your achievements.

Which is why Coleg Gwent went to work on a carefully-crafted statement to announce that its "strength and conditioning coach" Ian Jeffreys is one of 18 "dedicated sporting professionals" to be recognised as an "elite strength coach" by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

But isn't strength and conditioning something to do with hairdressing?

FErret examined the 400-word press release for an answer. None could be found. But luckily, to avoid any confusion, there was a pithy explanation of the award: "It recognises the individual professional achievements and competence as full-time strength and conditioning professionals via a formalised assessment of practical and applied employment experience, as well as an interest in, and contributions to the profession of strength and conditioning."

That clears that up then.

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