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Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams, aged 43, is an educational psychologist with Hertfordshire county council.

"I usually come into the office at 8.10am to prepare and look at my emails.

One morning recently I went into a local secondary school to run a focus group for Year 9 pupils - this is a difficult year for the school and it is trying to turn it around.

The same school is trying to develop its behaviour policy with an emphasis on positive approaches to behaviour. Later that morning, I did a session with non-teaching staff on how they could support the policy and improve relationships in school.

After lunch I wrote up some individual assessments from a school visit. At 3pm I attended a weekly multi-disciplinary team meeting.

At the moment there's a lot going on because of children's trusts, and there was a lot of discussion on the impact that might have on psychologists and other professionals in the team.

After that I met the behaviour support team. The day ended around 5.30.

The next morning I went to a review of a pupil who we think has severe difficulties with social interaction and communication. Then I had a meeting about a pupil who was about to be excluded.

It's very difficult to say what is a typical day."

For further information see the Association of Educational Psychologists and the British Psychological Society

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