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Student defends safety record

The long-running industrial tribunal in Edinburgh involving former Borders College lecturer, Rodney Adams, ended with a former student defending his competence.

Mr Adams, one of four lecturers declared redundant by the college last year, claims he was "set up" for redundancy by being transferred to an overstaffed department When the tribunal began four weeks ago depute principal Bob Murray said Mr Adams was made redundant because of his "cavalier" attitude to safety and lack of commitment to staff development and the new commercial orientation of the college.

But Ian McLennan, who was taught welding by Mr Adams, said Mr Adams had ejected a student from the workshop for not wearing appropriate safety equipment. Mr McLennan said Mr Adams was made a scapegoat in a dispute between students and management.

Denis Devlin, who worked alongside Mr Adams until his retirement in August 1996, said Mr Adams had been "set up" for redundancy because of his poor relationship with Wallace Beveridge, his manager.

Mr Beveridge, described by Mr Devlin as being "a particularly difficult man to work for", gave Mr Adams low scores in an assessment carried out by the college as it sought suitable candidates for redundancy.

Mr Adams said he had not mentioned this difficult relationship before because he did not want to jeopardise his position any further.

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