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Students spared from wasting time

One of the most obvious reasons for modular A-levels "apparently" having a higher pass rate than linear courses seems to have been consistently overlooked in recent weeks.

Students on a modular course have the opportunity to test their suitability for A-level at least twice before officially entering for the examination in January of their second year. Hence many of those who would not have succeeded on a linear A-level course are forewarned, and choose not to enter the examination.

However, any teacher will tell you that mock examinations on a linear course do not have the same effect as the "real thing" on a modular course.

So the use of modular syllabuses can save many a student from wasting a second year having chosen an unsuitable A-level subject. This is but one of the many advantages of the modular approach. Hopefully, before long, linear A-levels will be but a distant memory.

KEN DUNN Modular physics and electronics teacher Taunton's College Southampton Hampshire

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