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Studying behaviour

The Open University has a new course on Managing Behaviour in Schools, beginning in October. It can be studied on its own or as part of the Master's programme in education.

The course focuses on behavioural issues at whole-school, classroom and individual pupil level. It is designed for teachers with an interest in pastoral guidance and the welfare of pupils, classroom management, liaison with the local community and the duties of heads of year and departments.

The course is organised in five parts: perspectives on behaviour and behaviour management in schools; behaviour management strategies; developing school policies and practices on behaviour; national and local policy initiatives and developments; and methodology and planning practitioner research.

Support materials include a course website and computer conferencing, as well as texts and CD-Roms. The CD-Roms provide the opportunity to discuss different practice in the UK and New Zealand. The course team, students and tutors can use the website and FirstClass computer conference to share ideas.

Assessment will take the form of four tutor-marked assignments and an end-of-course small-scale investigative project. The course is expected to be available once a year. tel 0870 333 4340

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