Some of the loveliest living things are also the most deadly, as a new exhibition will dramatically demonstrate when it opens today at the Glasgow Science Centre, until April 30.

Displayed in a futuristic new glass space called The Atrium, Molecular Machines features beautiful, previously unseen images of the organisms most likely to wipe out the human race - the viruses.

Occupying the borderland between life and inanimate matter, viruses are too small to be seen using photons and optical microscopes. But they slowly yield their secrets to the electrons which inhabit an equally weird world of sub-atomic particles that behave like waves.

"The exhibition conveys complicated concepts in an easily digested format, providing insights into the remarkable properties of viruses," says Claire Gemson of the Glasgow Science Centre. "It builds understanding and stimulates interest in these smallest of parasites."

Teachers will be admitted free on February 3, when they can study the exhibits, try education taster sessions, and attend a talk on climate change from physicist and weather forecaster Heather Reid.

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