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Subscriber of the week - Barbara Boyd

Where do you live?

St Andrews

What do you do?

Headteacher of the Community School of Auchterarder.

How long have you subscribed?

Too long to recall!

Why did you start?

To keep up to date with what was current in Scottish education.

What should there be more of in TESS?

More interviews with practitioners, artwork from pupils, school sports news and a few pages dedicated to pupils for their issues and work.

What's the best thing we've done?

Published a Scottish version. I'm old enough to remember when you had to throw away half the adverts before you could read it.

What would you be excited to see on the front page?

My school, the pupils and staff.

What is TESS?

The means of keeping up to date with what the issues are for people in the educational world.

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