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Subscriber of the week - Linda-Anne Reid, primary headteacher near Falkirk

Where do you live?

In Carron, a village near Falkirk.

What do you do?

I'm headteacher at Stenhousemuir Primary.

How long have you subscribed?

Too long to remember.

Why did you start to subscribe?

To keep up to speed with all things educational.

Who reads your copy?

Only me, but I buy another copy for the staffroom.

What do you read first?

The headline news.

What should there be more of in TESS?

Funny cartoons of educational news.

Who would you like to see writing in TESS?

An education director of the week.

What's the best thing we have done in TESS?

I love the magazine format.

What would you be excited to see on the front page?

"Wages doubled for all teachers!"

What is TESS?

Time to Enjoy Something Special.

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