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Subscriber of the week - Marion Given, Dundee

What do you do?

Primary teacher, St Joseph's RC Primary, Dundee.

How long have you subscribed?

Six years.

Why did you start?

I was studying for my PGCE and looking for up-to-date issues and resources.

Who reads your copy?

I do, and I have shared certain articles with colleagues.

What do you read first?

"This week", after that I like to scan through and read articles that catch my eye.

What should there be more of in TESS?

Any medium that showcases pupils' work andor opinions.

What is the best thing we've done?

Providing different points of view and opinions on various issues, plus being a means to read interesting articles about teaching practice nationally and around the world.

Who would you like to see writing in TESS?

Being Irish I would have to say Dara O'Briain.

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