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Subscriber of the week - Mike Will from Aberdeen

What do you do?

Depute head, and EdD student at the University of Aberdeen.

How long have you subscribed?

Four years.

Why did you start?

To stop wasting time scouring shop shelves for a copy, and because of the subscription offer.

What do you read first?

Comment and Analysis, unless I'm drawn to articles about educational leadership.

What should there be more of in TESS?

Pedagogical articles linking recent research with practical tips for all.

Who would you like to see writing in TESS?

Alma Harris and Andy Hargreaves.

What would you be excited to see on the front page?

"Scottish government to rationalise local authorities and unfreeze council tax to fund Girfec and communities appropriately"

What is TESS?

CPD, and a kaleidoscope of Scottish education for informing and inspiring leaders of learning.

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