Subscriber of the week - Stephen Glen-Lee, from the Isle of Luing, Argyll

What do you do?

Headteacher of Luing and Easdale primaries. And dame for the Luing panto every February.

Who reads your copy?

My staff and I use features to start professional dialogue and heated debate. We highlight points and leave them around as reminders. We sometimes share articles with parents who would benefit.

What do you read first?

Jobs - I'm incredibly happy here, but I'm very nosy. Then news, as I like to be ready for debate before staff bring things to me.

Who would you like to see writing in TESS?

Brian Boyd, Alice Sharp and me.

What's the best thing we've done?

Scottish Learning Festival coverage and obituaries.

What is TESS?

A link to the mainland, the start to the weekend and the fuel for the week ahead.

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