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Summer days, drifting away ..

As the summer holidays come to an end, teachers in the TES online staffroom have started reminiscing about the things they are going to miss when they go back to school.

Most forum users agree with sel_chick, who listed "long lie-ins, peeing when I like and eating when I like" as a few of her favourite summer holiday treats.

FelixU is not looking forward to having to find smart clothes for school and would prefer to stay in holey jeans, confessing that "there is something really nice about being able to look a bit scruffy".

Many teachers concur about the benefits of casual clothing, and most would stay in their pyjamas all day given the chance. However, jmw22156 will miss "not being able to walk around all day WITHOUT my bra on when I get back to work!"

Bextherex has enjoyed a summer without the threat of catching headlice, so is going to miss the evenings spent not combing her hair with a nit-comb.

However, it's hyssop_puppy who kindly points out the benefits of going back to work, and lists some of the things she won't miss about the holidays, such as "feeling guilty about not doing housework even though I've got the time" and "having an aching back because of lying in".

Clearly the holidays have their hindrances and, speaking of which, many teachers have been discussing what they do when a pupil spots them outside of school. Most agree it's polite to stop and chat, and in sarahger's area "teachers go to the pub WITH their 6th formers occasionally. This is a tradition here".

However, there are some instances shared when you would definitely not want to bump into a pupil: "A teacher I worked with years ago was soaking up the sun on a topless beach on the other side of the world when she heard that nerve-twanging sound, 'Hello, Miss', from a Year 7 pupil," reveals sunblest.

And Peter99's unlucky friend "once had to hand in a sample of his semen to a Year 10 pupil on work experience at the local hospital. His reputation took a massive boost".

To avoid situations like this, FolkFan suggests "always live outside the catchment area, and only go into it for work," but as professorfixit warns, "sometimes no matter what you do, they'll find you".

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