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Sun, sea and something for everyone

We have two teenagers, 15 and 17, so it is not always easy to find a holiday with something to suit all of us, says the chief executive of the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

We went to the Algarve a couple of years ago, which was all about the sun and the sea: a bit too commercialised. But we were in Cyprus last year, which had that nice blend of a good hotel, good pool, good food wonderful Cypriot-Greek restaurants scuba diving and history.

There is this huge Roman settlement of several Roman villas just outside Paphos with these incredible mosaics, and they are uncovering more all the time.

If you ask the kids, they'll say Cyprus was their favourite holiday because it had everything for them, places they could go on their own, and there were other things like history to keep the parents happy.

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